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I’m not interested in them not dating. He’s 40, she’s 34. They had to work so hard to get to the point that they’re at now, and I want to see two people together working hard to make it work than breaking up. That’s not what I’m interested in right now.

Mindy Kaling on Mindy and Danny (x)


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A Showrunner/writer doing it right

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standing ovation

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women who succeed in male-dominated fields are always labeled Female Athletes or Female Rappers or Female Presidents but when landon donovan scores 57 international goals (which is 110 less than abby wambach’s record), nobody feels it necessary to label him the Leading Male Goal Scorer. no, he just gets to be the best goal scorer. even though there are a dozen women who have outclassed him. funny how that works.

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Anonymous asked: Did you realise how Finn's expression was when he realised Rae had her hands wrapped around his waist? He was smiling and all, but when he looked down and up, his face changed. X


Do you mean this face anon? His ‘Oh fuck, this is happening,’ face.

This is the face of a boy who’s just realised he’s thisclose to getting everything he wants. They’re hurtling towards the perfect summer night; warm breeze, cool music, best mates, good times. And just when he’s almost convinced himself that she just wants to be friends, that she could never possibly feel the way about him that he does about her, this girl he’s so far gone on that he can’t even see the place where they started, just maybe she’s pressed up against him so close and is holding on to him so tight not because she’s scared she’ll fall but because maybe, just maybe, she’s already fallen and she likes him too.  

This face needs a minute.

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